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Emily Benedek, "Web Attack in the Workplace," Newsweek, May 13, 2002, p. 40J
"The Code Red virus alone infected more than 300,000 workplace computers in 14 hours and cost more than $2.6 billion worldwide. InformationWeek Research estimates the cost of security-related downtime to U.S. businesses in the past 12 months at $273 billion. Worldwide, the tally was $1.39 trillion.
Steven Levy, "Living in the Blog-osphere," Newsweek, August 26, 2002, p. 42
"AOL has about 150 million registered users...more than 2 billion instant messages (IMs) [are] sent daily...with about 12 million office users a month."
The CompuGor Web System
CompuGor is ready to help you launch your web presence with anything from an informational website or a full blown eCommerce site.
Every site created by CompuGor is verified with the customer and it is made sure that the product meets your every expectation. If any concerns arise, it is our promise that they will be handled personally and quickly.
The websites we create can employ a variety of different functions for the customer. The majority of sites created feature dynamic effects (ie. random images, forums, newsletters, contact forms, and eCommerce and advertising solutions) which are driven by MySQL databases and a server-side scripting language called PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) - yes, one of the letters of the acronym stands for the acronym - its recursive.
We at CompuGor also understand that not everyone wants to be involved in deciphering the above statement, so we meet with the customer to pin-point their layout needs and leave the technical issues to the developer. We have found that this allows the customer to feel more at ease about their project, while not feeling that they have had no intervention.
CompuGor also offers professional web-hosting solutions for the sites that we create, at rock bottom prices. We perform domain registrations, site maintenence and developing as an all-in-one solution to your website needs.
Please feel free to browse some of the sites we have created and also let us know what you think by using the contact page of this site. Again, if any of these styles appeals to you, or you are interested in launching your web presence, CompuGor would be happy to help you. As we are a company that likes to interact with our clients face-to-face or at least vocally, please include your phone number when you contact us so that we can better understand your needs.

Jana Elizabeth Contario
In Development
Hooked On Wine
Hooked On Wine is a complete database driven eCommerce website specializing in the sale of fine wines.

It was built using Zen Cart as the foundation and ehanced with a custom inventory tracking system.
Invest With Leonid
This website utilizes multiple custom coded packages which are driven by PHP and MySQL.
Fantasy Auto Sales Inc.
This website incorporates a full database driven car dealer package which allows the dealer to place their listings on the web through an administrator console.
The site also features a flash header that was custom created per the dealer's request. This site is driven by JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
Kari Kling
Uniquely designed site for a community educator. Engineered with the CodeIgniter Framework.
Argeus Benefits Group LLC.
Argeus Benefits Group wanted to convey a very clear message with this informational website. It provides a simple to navigate interface and carefully selected content. This website was constructed with PHP.
This website incorporates a large real estate package allowing the administrator to list properties, in this case, for rent.
The site is entirely driven by PHP/MySQL.
Daniko Music
This website incorporates a database driven eStore along with flash effects for this internationally recognized musician.
Import Auto Sales Inc.
This website incorporates a full database driven car dealer package which allows the dealer to place their listings on the web through an administrator console.
This site is driven by JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
Pro Dental Care Inc.
Pro Dental Care Inc. was looking to make an easy to navigate informative website for their patients. A custom appointment scheduler system was created with the use of PHP and Javascript.
Arizona Wildlife Federation
This site was created entirely out of HTML and Javascript. The site incorporates a menu driven navigation system.
Additions have been made to the site utilizing PHP/MySQL to support eCommerce in the form of the Arizona Wildlife Store.